Antiques are pieces of furniture and product design which have crossed the centuries because people found them useful and beautiful enough to be kept and passed on. It’s wonderful
to remind ourselves that an antique piece of furniture we are using daily has witnessed another person’s everyday reality a good couple of hundred years before our time in most cases. The discoveries we make and that find their way into the Ramsey Krause collection, are generally chosen because they haven’t lost all connection with their past.

We love seeing how a provincial 18th century craftsman interpreted Chippendale’s designs in his very own way, or see ink stains indicating how many letters a French lady in the 18th century wrote at her desk, or look into a mirror with its original glass, reflecting candlelight in the particular way only antique mirror glass does. It is a unique feeling to be surrounded by things that know life well and were loved, and to take a place in the chain of those who take
care of them.